04 December 2007

Another Example of Race Manipulation

Another European example would be when Adolph Hitler introduced his interpreted concept of the Aryan Race. His characteristics of having a tall stature, blond hair, and blue eyes were a more accurate depiction of peoples of Scandinavian descent. And never mind that he himself was a not so tall, brown haired, and brown eyed Austrian. And the word Aryan actually derives from a different concept than it was portrayed. Aryan actually refers to, in European culture, to the original speakers of the Indo-European languages and their descendants. It can also refer to Indo-Iranian peoples and also has other meanings in the Sanskrit and Avestan languages, usually positive and in a spiritual context. But in Adolph Hitler’s case, the concept of race was manipulated and wielded into a hammer used to smash opposition. In order for Hitler to gain broader power, he had to gain more control of the financial establishment. Given that the Jewish population was the current financial incumbent, these were the people that he had to attack. And under the guise of an ethnic cleansing, of sorts, as well as other false pretenses, he ruthlessly and swiftly removed them.

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